The Design Process

Every project has its’ unique character, just as every client is unique. However, the process remains constant.

Consultation: During the complementary consultation we discuss the project objectives:

  1. Scope (what rooms are involved, what would you like to keep, what would you like to change)
  2. Client’s style and vision for the project
  3. Budget
  4. Timeline

Based on the consultation, a letter of agreement will be presented to you, the client. Once approved, arrangements will be made to take measurements, and bring contractors in for a site visit in order to gather price estimates and obtain any other required information.

Once all information is gathered the initial design meeting will be scheduled to present concepts for architecture renovations (if needed) as well as space plan options including furniture, fabrics, lighting, flooring, window treatments, wall finishes, fixtures, etc.

After the initial design meeting, some edits/adjustments may be made to the design at this time. A proposal will then be sent to you, the client, that includes all pricing and timeline estimates for approval. Once the design proposal is approved, orders will be placed and contractors will be scheduled.

Installation: will be coordinated by designer when items are ready to be placed on site.

All that remains is for you to relax and enjoy your reimagined space.